Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Zentangles of Healing


I read this today in my list of blogs I follow.  I always like to see what others are creating and hopefully get some inspiration.  I do believe that any kind of surgery, illness, etc. is better healed by positive thinking.  I've forgotten about that in the past few years, but I'm slowly getting back to it - positive thinking that is.

I hope when I post this Mary Ann can get some more positive thoughts and prayers from my followers or just people that are reading this through my Facebook and Creating the Hive group I'm in.  I don't know MaryAnn personally but anyone that needs positive thoughts and prayers to make it through a rough time - I'm all about it.

Even though I'm new at it I'm going to send MaryAnn a zentangle I'm working on right now - and I'll show later.

Thanks for reading and I hope MaryAnn comes through the procedure better than ever!

Talk about inspiration - I am following my Artist's Way teacher Dayna Collins and her husband Howard through a 30 day trip in France!!  I remember when she went to Italy - and that was a beautiful trip also.  Even if I don't get to go to either spot seeing it through someones eyes that you know is good too.

Off to do my zentangle!

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