Monday, August 16, 2010

Three pounds of polymer clay please

I couldn't resist when someone was selling "scrap polymer clay, some canes, etc." by the pound.  My creativity is still on hold since I've not been feeling that well this past week.  I read this today from a group I've joined - Creating The Hive - for crafters whose description is "The Hive is a dynamic social community designed to help provide a connection between everyone in the arts, crafts and hobby industry. Whether you are a manufacturer, professional artist, hobbiest, retailer or consumer, you have a voice."

How to be your own best muse - 101 Ways to Delight and Inspire Yourself

I really like some of these suggestions - blowing bubbles, drawing with chalk on the sidewalk, write with a different colored pen, crayon, marker, free writing.

I'm hoping that connecting with other crafters it'll help me get back in the groove.

Here are some creative - type links for you today:

I love mandalas and zentangle so -

I think this is sooo cute and hope to try the tiger one day

Polymer clay - basics, tutorials, etc.


  1. Sounds like you're on the right path to polymer heaven. I have some free beginning videos on my blog. Just remember...have fun. Alice

  2. I've been using a green pen at work for when I proof read reports and others' writing. I've done it long enough that everyone knows when I've done the proofing - and they know it's my color. I was walking past the supply/copy room one day and heard someone say that we were out of "my" pens. Made me smile.