Friday, August 27, 2010

My first Zentangle

Yesterday on Facebook I said I needed some motivation to create something. I also chatted with my FL craft buddy Bev, talking about having the supplies but sometimes I get overwhelmed and end up doing nothing LOL.

Dayna Collins told me that when she picks up a pen or pencil and starts to doodle it helps.  So Dayna - you got me started.

At first Zentangle fascinated me but also I was intimidated.  I know when I'm on the phone I doodle - mostly squares for some reason.  I'm following a few blogs that feature zentangles and also some on YouTube, so I started there.

I did what any beginner would do - traced my hand LOL!  I created sections and just started doodling.  I had some music on - Lady Gaga, Earth, Wind & Fire and some other upbeat stuff that I would want to dance to.  I made some boo-boos and used a pen not a marker but all in all I think my first attempt is pretty fair.  It was very relaxing to me but time consuming so Bev - my project will be today LOL!

Here are some Zentangle blogs, sites & YouTube videos - enjoy!

Zentangle Beads with Friendly Plastic

Life Imitates Doodles

Easy Paisley Doodles

Hope this gets you started.  I LOVE it!


  1. Gerri, your zentangles are great! I was introduced to this art form about a year ago and they are quite addictive. I love your hand designs.

  2. oh what fun!!! love your first zentangles!!!

  3. That is cool! I recently have just heard of Zentangles and realized these are what I did as a teenager but they had no name, lol. Definitely love to see more!