Friday, August 27, 2010

My first Zentangle

Yesterday on Facebook I said I needed some motivation to create something. I also chatted with my FL craft buddy Bev, talking about having the supplies but sometimes I get overwhelmed and end up doing nothing LOL.

Dayna Collins told me that when she picks up a pen or pencil and starts to doodle it helps.  So Dayna - you got me started.

At first Zentangle fascinated me but also I was intimidated.  I know when I'm on the phone I doodle - mostly squares for some reason.  I'm following a few blogs that feature zentangles and also some on YouTube, so I started there.

I did what any beginner would do - traced my hand LOL!  I created sections and just started doodling.  I had some music on - Lady Gaga, Earth, Wind & Fire and some other upbeat stuff that I would want to dance to.  I made some boo-boos and used a pen not a marker but all in all I think my first attempt is pretty fair.  It was very relaxing to me but time consuming so Bev - my project will be today LOL!

Here are some Zentangle blogs, sites & YouTube videos - enjoy!

Zentangle Beads with Friendly Plastic

Life Imitates Doodles

Easy Paisley Doodles

Hope this gets you started.  I LOVE it!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Three pounds of polymer clay please

I couldn't resist when someone was selling "scrap polymer clay, some canes, etc." by the pound.  My creativity is still on hold since I've not been feeling that well this past week.  I read this today from a group I've joined - Creating The Hive - for crafters whose description is "The Hive is a dynamic social community designed to help provide a connection between everyone in the arts, crafts and hobby industry. Whether you are a manufacturer, professional artist, hobbiest, retailer or consumer, you have a voice."

How to be your own best muse - 101 Ways to Delight and Inspire Yourself

I really like some of these suggestions - blowing bubbles, drawing with chalk on the sidewalk, write with a different colored pen, crayon, marker, free writing.

I'm hoping that connecting with other crafters it'll help me get back in the groove.

Here are some creative - type links for you today:

I love mandalas and zentangle so -

I think this is sooo cute and hope to try the tiger one day

Polymer clay - basics, tutorials, etc.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Craftech University

Linda Peterson started Craftech U just a short time ago.  She loves to teach and it shows.  I've taken most of the classes that have come up and I'll tell you why.

They are inexpensive, you can watch them again, and Linda is a patient teacher.  If you are a crafter you'll have some of the materials on hand for classes but I did have to go out and buy some stuff before I started my first class.  Linda has the Friendly Plastic Addicts Club which I joined and you get discounts on Friendly Plastic and other materials.

Can't wait to take the 3 classes I signed up for - Magical Millefiore, Caning, and Vintage Charm Bracelet.  The first 2 are polymer clay techniques and I was told the 3rd one is a great one with a method Linda has come up with transferring pictures onto metal!  I told Linda I'd like to do an interview with her and that will be soon.

Any Facebook friends reading this?  Please visit my friends Marcie Budgell and Bev Mossman.   They both have Facebook groups where they are selling their handmade items.!/group.php?gid=137025516313598&ref=ts
Marcie's Craft Corner!/group.php?gid=104870186232679&ref=ts
Bev's Craft Shop

Another thing in crafting I like - stamping.  I like the clear unmounted stamps to use with polymer clay and friendly plastic.  I got an ink pad when I won that little package from Paper Niche but didn't think I would get into inks until someone was selling their inks in a poly clay group I'm in.  I went from one ink color to over 41 Staz On and Ancient Page stamp pads and I haven't even counted the ink refills LOL.

I hope to have some new projects to show on this blog soon.