Sunday, July 4, 2010

Second Set of Blocks going Out and another package came - woohoo!

Well got them done and off to Bobbie's!  So sorry I'm such a procrastinator.

These are done with strips of Friendly Plastic and some pretty stamps.  I did the electric skillet/hot water method - sweat pouring from my forehead LOL.  I love mixing and matching the colors I have and I'm hoping to get some more soon.  Would love to do "animal" type prints and so forth.

I got a package for the Metal Jewelry class at Craftech U on Monday.  I am a bit intimidated with the copper wires and copper and silver metal sheets, but I'm sure it's gonna be fun!  I'm also taking a Zentangle claas - another fun one!  I usually doodle when I'm on the phone waiting so I think I can put my own spin on my work.

Also I got another set of blocks to do:

Pretty bright blues, reds and the second side is blues and purple.  What a treat to get and to try and figure out what to do for my side.  Red, orange and yellow maybe?

Wanted to wish all my American friends a great 4th of July!

Until next time . . .