Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I'm overthinking - again!

As I wrote in my last post I'm doing the block exchange.  As I mentioned I've loved miniatures for a long time, and for people that can do them I applaud them.  I would love to get to the point where I can make a miniature of our pets and a sea otter (for my collection).

I am still doing the doors idea for my blocks, and next time after that do something with clay.  Kitty Bryan, Bobbie's sister-in-law, is part of the block exchange and has never done this before.  Could have fooled me Kitty - here's her art ed up blocks that were sent to me - done with a wood burning kit!  Aren't they sweet? Rich took the picture - sorry about the upside down one LOL.  If this is your first time doing this Kitty can't wait to see more blocks as they come through to me.  I'm excited to see the creativity!

OK links for today:

beautiful hand made dolls and hand made costumes!  I especially love the Shape Shifter with all the swirls on the body.

I just think this is the coolest thing - a crocheted coral reef!

I love some of these and have seen some of these movies

Not sure if dancing is a Craft LOL but it is somewhat of an art if you do it well.

Monday, June 21, 2010

And so the journey begins . . .

Well as some of you have read on my other blog 50 is the new 40 I've attempted different crafts, gone to The Artist's Way with a craft at each session, and to a card making class at a local craft store.  I thought maybe I'd write my attempts at crafting here and let you know what works, what doesn't and maybe get some suggestions from my followers.

I got my winnings from Paper Niche today!  Beautiful chipboard word art, a glitter marker, beautiful lace butterfly, six sheer butterflies on a key chain and some glittery sticker dots, some pretty silk flowers and dark peony (purple) ink.

I took the day off from crafting but tomorrow I'll watch the video from making the whimsical polymer clay bear.  I tore mine up to use for the class but I'm hoping to make another one.  For some reason making one during class I just couldn't do it if that makes any sense.  The bear I did make I just used the principle of using the basic shapes and going from there.  Linda told us to look at a "how to draw a cartoon animal" type book and train your eye to see the basic shapes. I did that with round balls and logs and it turned out pretty good.  It's the detail I get stuck on.  When it  comes to certain things my perfectionism kicks in.  I don't know how many times I rolled and re-rolled the ball for the head LOL.  Linda is on vacation but she checks in on Facebook so I'll be hoping to make some things from the classes I've taken from her and post them.

I'm also "arting" up some blocks.  Bobbie Bryan asked me if I wanted to be in an exchange - she got the idea from Dayna - or at least she gave me this print out so I can figure out what I wanted to do LOL.  At first I wanted to print out pics and art them up but then my printer needed ink.  I finally got out my friendly plastic and some unmounted stamps.  I'm hoping next blocks around I can do my first idea.  Beautiful doors and "when one door closes" etc.  I got my next set so now I know what I'm going to do and just need to get on it.

Thanks for following me I think this is going to be a great adventure!

Some of my favorite artists, crafts, etc.
This woman is AMAZING in my book!  I've always had an interest in miniatures and one day I hope to make miniatures (an inch to a foot) for a Victorian style doll house.  I would love to try some things in polymer clay but that won't be for a while since I do better right now doing pretty small but not tiny things.
I LOVE opals and now that I found I can make them from polymer clay I am going to have so much fun with this.